A B Sea Creatures: An Astonishing Aquatic ABC!

A B Sea Creatures: An Astonishing Aquatic ABC!
written and illustrated by Craig Macnaughton
Little Mitten Press / 2019 / 32 pages
Paperback: 978-1-989657-02-7
Hardcover: 978-1-989657-00-3

“Wow, the images in this book are breathtaking, the kids and I have literally looked at this five times in a row!”
Conscious Mama Blog (Family Book Reviews)

From Anglerfish to Zebra Lionfish, say hello to the most diverse delights in the deep blue sea!

Toddlers will love learning their ABC’s with these weird and colorful undersea animals! Explore this silly underwater alphabet with kids of all ages!

This creative alphabet picture book takes you deep under the ocean to your learn your ABC’s with a colourful collection of fascinating fish, impossible invertebrates and marvellous mammals. The playful illustrations and fun factoids are guaranteed to make kids of all ages more curious about the wonders of the ocean!

“Photosythesizy is just one of the many fun descriptions.”
Nicole S. (Amazon Reviewer)
“The illustrations are colorful and magical, just like the sea creatures that many readers are not aware of, and they bring out the diversity of marine life beautifully.”
Reader's Favorite Book Reviews