26 Bugs: An Incredible Insect ABC!

26 Bugs: An Incredible Insect ABC!
written and illustrated by Craig Macnaughton
Little Mitten Press / 2021 / 32 pages
Paperback: 978-1-989657-06-5
Hardcover: 978-1-989657-07-2

"Not your average ABC book writer, Macnaughton combines rhyme, facts and fun that will keep kiddos asking to read this informative book again and again."
Zach B. (GoodReads Reviewer)

From Atlas Moth to Zorapteran, look under rocks and high up in the trees for squirmy, six-legged squishies!

Toddlers and kids of all ages will love learning their ABCs with this curious collection of wings, antenna and pinchers! Get ready to meet some creepy-crawly creatures!

This imaginative alphabet picture book takes you from the dirt to the trees to learn your ABCs with a sparkling collection of beautiful beetles, charming caterpillars and marvellous moths. The delightful illustrations and specific particulars are guaranteed to make kids of all ages more curious about the amazing world of insects!

"I highly recommend this book to someone looking for an entertaining and informative book for their kids...or themselves."
Jeremiah B. (GoodReads Reviewer)